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  • Alexander says:

    Yours is an awesome journey I must say. The punches of humility along your grace transitions. I am more proud of you now than ever before. You are indeed an inspiration to many.

  • Chichi says:

    Hmm! I remember reading about the death of Mama Richie some years back. I can relate to the joy mama felt when she got her car. Weldone sir,mama must be super proud of you .

  • Israel Enagbonma says:

    Awesome sir. So inspired and motivated. Thank God for your life my role model. More grace sir.

  • Victoria Ezekafor says:

    I am currently working towards your number 7, hopefully it happens this year, amen. Thank you for this write up, bless.

  • Ikenna says:

    This is soooo awesome!! The one that brought tears to my eyes was when you got born again and the fact that you didn’t allow shame or embarrassment of friends watching you give your life. Like they always say “the rest is history”. See what the grace of God has done in your life. Thanks for always sharing.

  • Chiamaka says:

    God bless you uncle Richie, you are a blessing to this generation and you have inspired a lot of young people including me and the fact that you are my birthday mate makes me even more proud of you….

  • obakore mary says:

    God’s grace is all i see sir…you will enjoy more of that grace in Jesus name, Amen.

    • obakore mary says:

      God’s grace is all i see sir, and despite all odds and good you are still standing tall. You will continue to enjoy more of that grace in jesus name. Amen.

  • Annabelle Benjamin says:

    Good day sir. Have been inspired alot about your personality and wtite ups you share on Instagram.
    And reading through your best 10 and Worst moments of your life I must say that Grace kept working for you in every phase of your life. Your giving your life to Christ got to me,despite standing up and seeing that alot of persons were seated you could only imagine what was going through their mind. But it didn’t change what you wanted that is being saved by God. God is Awesome and at every point of our life we need to acknowledge Him. You are such a great person and a leader by example I pray the Good Lord blesses you more. Have a lovely Good Friday.

  • Chigookoli says:

    Amazing… I wish to tell my story like this too someday. You really are an inspiration sir. Godbless you

  • Adelani Tobi says:

    This is inspiring sir.. For you as a celebrity to identify with Christ, takes a whole lot of courage and strength. Though I am not in to arts and entertainment. You are like a model for me. My prayer for you is that you will enjoy Greater Grace than this sir

  • Edgar Susiku says:

    I have taken time to read your postings…I have silently followed you on instagram, today, after reading your IG post..I followed the link..I must say you have inspired me in more ways than one..

    Your comment some months ago ..How a mentor in more ways than one defines ones future has made such an indelible impression on me..

    Thank you for becoming the best of YOU..It’s a gift to me as a person I hold with a grateful heart heart

    Thank you for sharing your born again experience too…

    Eddie…from Zambia

  • Owanate says:

    This is so adorable.. I can’t wait to tell my story few years from now. Congratulations. You have achieved so much and I believe many more are ahead

  • confidence says:

    This is really amazing and lovely… most of them got me to tears as per an emotional person……

  • Briggs Tony says:

    I’ve been asking God, what’s the secret behind this man’s success and am glad today I have part of the answers I’ve been looking for, for years.and it’s obvious you took one step at a time focused, you knew exactly what you wanted from and in life, and number one blew me away in joy and am here laughing and trying to paint or create an image in my head of that day, I tap into your grace sir, you’re an inspiration to me.

  • Ibiso says:

    On following your passion and love for theatre arts… entertainment, I salute you. Thats very brave, a world where when you have a goal on the entertainment path…it’s not recognised as a real goal in the sense of it. Happy to see someone who actually had the same passion as I do and actually succeeded. On getting yourself your car and getting mom a car and also on building your first house, it only gets better. On becoming a born again…there is nothing like being born in Christ, it’s a refreshing feeling and a wonderful experience, he speaks to you like never before, it’s like he lives inside you. Well God bless you. Nice piece ☺😊

  • Immaculata says:

    Oh my!!! So beautiful and emotional. Good to know that hardworking and PRAYERS pay off. God continue to bless the works of your hands in Jesus Name. Amen. Keep flying high and congratulations! Are we invited for the naming??

  • kusamotu says:

    Wow sir, its is truly great and am happy for you.

  • osereme says:

    congrats on your grandson

  • Amazing Sir. #1 is the best place to start. Even if some of my colleagues blasted me in one of my Video Blog for mentioning prayer as my #1 action when feeling down. As a distant & unknown mentee, I look forwards to the day I too will be able to list 10 fulfilling moments. God bless you Sir.

  • Lawson hakeem says:

    Sir, it can only be GOD. Amen
    They are all things to be grateful for, moments to be proud of. you are an achiever, an inspiration and a grandfather 😊. I will not forget to give thanks to GOD and cherish every moment, good or bad.
    Thank you.

  • Imooluwatunde Adeyemo says:

    I must say that reading this has got me thinking and reconsidering somethings. I understand more now that whatever a man does today, he is laying a foundation for tomorrow. I have an idea of what it must have been for RMD to convince his mum to allow him study Theatre Arts. I had to go through some of that myself. It took a lot to convince my mum to allow me Study Theatre Arts as it has always been my dream to be an entertainer, thankfully I am now in my final year of studying Dramatic Arts (It’s not called Theatre Arts) at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U). I’m sure RMD’s mum must be really proud of him knowing that he fulfilled his end of the bargain…if she allowed him study Theatre Arts at The University of Benin. I only pray I’m able to do the same for my mum.
    Just like RMD wrote on the number one of the top ten list… The decision to receive Jesus is indeed the best decision one can make and He did not disappoint him. He showed RMD the result of having faith in him while building his first house.
    I have always been a fan of RMD, I follow him on instagram and I see him as my role model because I like his Acting and role interpretation but reading this, I have added another to the list…My advice is anyone who reads this should not just read for the fun of it but read with an open mind and pick the important lessons RMD’s top 10 list is pregnant with. Like my father always says; “Learning never ends, the day a man stops learning is the day he dies” I have learnt a lot from this and I sure hope others do too.

  • Sharon robert says:

    Wow! This is wonderful n the part that touched me most was when u got born again n how u got a mum a car….u re a big role model to many sir..

  • Akpovwogaga Ufuoma Joanna says:

    I am really inspired by you Sir…. Thanks for been such an inspiration to this generation… I pray for more blessings you way… Thanks alot Daddy… Migwo…

  • Ayomide says:

    Interesting read.

  • This is really motivating. Thanks for sharing this. It really helped. But please my question is..what if you were enrolled in school for studies but in as much as you love being in school anyways you have great passion for something else which is acting. Anytime you see pictures or movies of those already there you get so annoyed and more motivated because you know you are meant to be there to. You have tried so much to go for it but your parents and siblings are against it. what will you do ?

  • Maduako Chioma Esther says:

    Actually, i copied the link from instagram. I was curious to know rmd’s top-10 . Please be my guide. I will do exactly all you advise me to do. You achieved something at 20. In a week time i will be 20. I need to get things started. Please i beg you. Thank you.

  • precious says:

    Congrats on the birth of your grandson sir.. Indeed your story is a story of grace.. I’m blessed knowing I can achieve anything if I set my heart on it and have faith too.

  • Deborah Ocharifu says:

    Dis again goes to show dat wen Ur foundation is rooted on God U will definitely stand tall amidst the winds, it also goes to tell us dat though u may have all it takes but without God’s backing it won’t stand the taste of time. I have also learn from the story dat d struggle of our parents must never be neglected wen we get up der n Above all, whatever ve vision for, U shud pursue it with all doggedness n God will play d rest out n dat is y it is said “seek first the kingdom of God and Evey other thing will b added unto U”,. Thanks a lot for sharing sir, though brief but impactful

  • Norah says:

    You inspire and motivate me alot!
    May God continue blessing you more and more as you invest your time on the youth!

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