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Why should I register on the RMDTheActor website?

If you register then you will have access to more photos & videos, you will also have access to Shows, RMDVille etc.  

Help with choosing a password.

Your password must have at least eight characters, containing both uppercase and lowercase letters and must not contain your username, name or email address. If you see an error message, please do read this as it explains the cause of the problem and recommended course of action. For example, the password form will reject entries that are too short.

How do I verify my account?

After registration, you will receive an email asking you to verify your account. Click on “Activate Account”, you will be redirected to the website and this message will flash across screen “Your account has been verified”.

The website will not let me register a new account as it says I have already registered.

There is a forgot password facility on the website where you can request a username reminder or reset your password. If your e-mail address has changed from the one that you had previously registered on the website, then you should contact us for assistance. Please include as much information as possible e.g. surname, old e-mail address etc.

What is the difference between a registered and non-registered account?

• Registered users have full access to all content on the website. • Registered users can create profiles and see other users • Registered users get information first hand and are eligible for discount in the Shop.